Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1

Builds mobile versions of websites
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Makes websites compatible with mobile device. Embeds multiple emulators for testing the site on a wide variety of gadgets and screens.

Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit is a good mobile design tool to use. This program can be used to build a version of website that can be viewed on any mobile phone and other mobile content such as multimedia messages. This toolkit contains a wide range of editing tools and help files, along with a series of emulators which allow seeing on a computer screen how the site will look on a mobile phone. It is easy enough to use. The nice thing about Nokia’s Internet Toolkit is that it has a comprehensive set of editors for creation of web pages (WML, XHTML, CSS), MMS messages and Push messages. There are innovations in this version: integrated DRM and DD editors and support for SMIL 2.0 Basic Language and 3GPP SMIL transitions in MMS messages. The only problem is that the toolkit is usually more tolerant of XML errors so that there are still pages that wouldn’t be displayed properly in your phone even though the simulator says it’s OK. When this happens you can use the editor to see what the problem is and test it the old way by loading the page in your phone again and again until it is displayed properly. Note, that the whole kit consists of three components - Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator 4.0, Nokia WAP Gateway Simulator 4.0 and Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1. To download it you should register on the website.

Julia Galygo
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  • Comprehensive set of editors
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated DRM, DD editors
  • Support SMIL 2.0 and 3GPP SMIL


  • Tolerant of XML errors
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